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25 Million Stitches Project

The  25 Million Stitches project was conceived to put a light on the plight of refugees worldwide- with the goal of having 1 stitch for every refugee… all 25 million. The entire project has over 2000 completed panels with over 2100 stitchers contributing. One of my mentors, Penny Peters created a stunning piece.  Penny’s piece inspired […]

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Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar – Part 2 – Textiles

We continued our shopping trip in the Grand Bazaar with an eye on textiles.  Oya is a traditional Turkish craft of making lace, generally for edges of scarves but also for home decor or clothing.  The lace is made in several different ways, but most frequently as either needle lace or with a small crochet […]

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Istanbul Adventure Aug 2021 – Part 1

Picking a Real book out for travel is always important to me… I don’t want to rely on my iPad’s ebooks, as you never know whether you’ll be able to charge your device or have other technical difficulties.  So I’m starting my current adventure to Turkey with this one: “The Embroiderer” by Kathryn  Gauci.  It follows a […]