One of the nice things about a culture or city that the people walk everywhere is that stores for specific items are commonly grouped in the same area or district. So, while we were looking for a specific store recommended to us, we were able to wander in several in the same area which also catered to embroidery, knitting/crocheting, crafts and fabric.

We came across this shop, Madamella Home, wandering in after being attracted by their displays with clean, streamlined design.  The shop is multileveled, with different craft supplies each 1/2 story.  Here are some photos of their supplies:

The floor plan has half-stories, so here you can look down at beads and yarns and still see a bit of the upper floor.

Looking at notions and embroidery hoops lining the stairway walls with daughter Zeyneb patiently waiting for me!

My fav- embroidery threads!

A popular brand here in Turkey- Leylak- which has Suni Ipek and Polyester embroidery thread

I knew that Ipek means Silk, but found out that Suni Ipek is actually Artificial (Fake) Silk!  This heavier thread, similar to a #8 pearl cotton, is used to make Turkish Oya, either as needle lace or crocheted.

Son Ryan in the painting department is always happy to carry my purchases!

The friendly young man who helped me with my purchases!

I purchased some of these interesting offset oblong sequins, thinking them interesting and I hadn’t bought them in the other store.

This is a detail from an incredible embroidered robe of one of the Ottoman sultans at the Topaki Palace- I’m studying the embroidery and found the same shape as the sequins repeated on it. I’m hoping to find out the symbolism of this shape!

Perhaps a little flushed from the 100 degree F heat, ready to head back home.

Another shop in the district with gorgeous beads, many from semi-precious stones- I loved this display with the incredible amethyst crystal!

We’re heading next to Sapanca (pronounced Suh-pawn-cha) for a little R&R.  It’s about 2 hours drive East of Istanbul and not known as a tourist spot, but rather a place that locals go for a holiday.