Christina’s great grand-father, Robert Fairley, was an Irish immigrant and tailor in Salinas, California.

Christina was born in the San Francisco Bay area and comes from a family with many original San Franciscan pioneers, including a tailor, seamstress, and a milliner. Raised in the Pacific Northwest, she learned to sew on the treadle machine below at 10 years old and started working for a seamstress when she was 14. She lives and works in Bellevue, Washington, with her husband, Randy and dog Dexter. Four children and their partners  also live and work in the Seattle area.

Always active and passionate about learning, Christina’s hobbies outside of making art include horseback riding, reading, gourmet cooking, travel, photography, and spending time with her family.

Christina belongs to the Surface Design Association, the Embroiderer’s Guild of America,  Contemporary QuiltArt Association, Studio Art Quilt Associates. and the Northwest Collage Society.

Her work has been exhibited at the National Quilt Museum in Paducah, Kentucky, the American Quilt Society International Quilt Show, numerous venues throughout Asia, the UC Davis Feminist Art Show, The Rio and Sao Paulo Patchwork and Design festivals in Brazil, as well as many other shows and galleries in the U.S.

Click to view a short biographical film (2014) about Christina.

Christina has studied with many great fiber artists including Gail Harker, Roberta Horton, Ruth B. McDowell, Lorraine Torrence, and Richard Box.  She is currently in a 12 year graduate degree program in Art, Design, and Stitch at the Gail Harker Creative Study Center.