I love looking at different fiber artist’s work.  Even when it’s very different from my personal style or taste, I generally find things I like about most pieces.  The couple I want to share with you tonight are also from the Whidbey Island Surface Design Association‘s recent exhibit up at the Schack Art Center in Everett, WA.

First, Janet Steadman displayed a stimulating series with bright stripes of color, even sweeps of quilting stitches, and a simplicity that made it all come together.  The series displayed together really works well… it makes me think of a library filled with books stacked to the ceiling. (I am a daughter of a librarian, so my house can look like this too!)

Janet Steadman’s series “Keepers”
Fiber $375 each (set of six $2100)
Close-up of one of Janet Steadman’s
“Exuberance” by Fine Gelfand
Cotton & syntetic fabrics, fused & machine stitched $650

In contrast to Janet’s style, Fine Gelfand‘s piece is a study in busy-ness.  The patterns and textures feel as though they are moving- spinning right off the piece.  Again, the colors are quite vivid and there is a sense of being somewhat like a traditional quilt, but you get a much different feel from this piece.    The name of this piece, “Exuberance” really says it all.

Detail of “Exuberance” by Fine Gelfand

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