In Klimt’s Corral

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Layered Canvas Photo with Hand & Machine Embroidery

©2017 Christina Fairley Erickson

Inspired by the gold overlay and graphic elements of Gustaf Klimt’s work, I wanted to have a portion of this piece photo realistic and the rest ethereal, abstract, and filled with shape.  The foal’s color and hair-like stitching convey realism, while his watchful mother’s bright pink color and body patterns that match the background give her a surrealistic quality, as though she is there with her baby, or is it just that she’s always looking over him?  Both mare and foal are extensively hand-stitched.

My passion for horses inspires much of my artwork. As a long-time equestrian and horse lover, I find the tight bonds between human and equine companions very moving. Our society has almost completely lost this connection with horses that has been such an important part of humankind for centuries. By creating moving portrayals of equine subjects, I hope to resurrect some of the primal memory of love for these amazing creatures in each of us.

Materials and Techniques: Photo manipulation printed on canvas, tulle and synthetic material overlays, metallic and synthetic machine embroidery thread , machine applique, hand embroidery with commercial and artist hand-dyed cotton embroidery thread.


  • David L Parks 1st Place Award for Mixed Media- 2017 Equine Art Show, Emerald Downs, WA
  • Best of Show, Mixed Techniques and 2nd place for Mixed Media- 2018 Quilt & Fiber Arts Festival, Everett WA

Size:  32″w x 32″ h