1. a traveling from one place to another, usually taking a rather long time.
2. a distance, course, or area traveled or suitable for traveling.
3. a period of travel.
4. passage or progress from one stage to another: the journey to success.

Moulin Rouge dans la Nuit
I’ve been on this journey for some time now… years, really.  It’s only been in the last few years that I’ve felt the need to look towards my destination.  Where do I want to go with my art?  How will I know when I’ve arrived?  How do I stay on track and not get distracted from my main objectives?

I’ve practiced goal-setting and creating plans to accomplish my goals for years, both in business and in my personal life.  I’ve seen the power of declaring your intentions publicly.  So, starting today, I’m beginning this new journey… one which I invite you to join, whether as an observer, or as an active committed participant. 
Whether I am detailing my plans for the future, documenting my ongoing progress, learning new skills, or sharing the things that inspire me to make art, I hope to both inspire and be inspired through regular writings on this blog.  I look forward to an incredible time of growth together!

Caverna Magica

To introduce you to a little of where I am currently at, here you can see my quilt, “Moulin Rouge dans la Nuit”, currently being shown at SeaTac International Airport in an exhibition named “Journeys” put on by the Contemporary QuiltArt Association (through January 2013.)  The original design is from photographs I took of the Moulin Rouge in 2009.  It is made of both artist hand-dyed and commercial cotton fabrics, which I have then freehand machine embroidered and quilted.

The Caves of Nerja
Also in the “Journeys” show is my “Caverna Magica” whole-cloth quilt. When I completed the dyeing of this fabric, it reminded me of seeing the Caves of Nerja, in Andalusia, Spain.  Filled with impressive stalactites and stalagmites, sections of the caves are open to visitors and are lit up with many beautiful colored lights.  I hand-dyed this piece of fabric and then densely freehand machine quilted it with cotton, rayon, and silk thread. 

Detail of Caverna Magica

Each day we can make a choice… to further our artistic career and take a step on the journey, or to postpone for yet another day.  When I look back at all the times I’ve postponed, I have to admit it makes me very sad.  Our time is finite here on this earth.  What do we want to leave behind?  How do we want to spend this limited amount of time?  I know that I want to create.  I want my children and hopefully others to have something tangible that I’ve created that they love and which, through it, they can feel connected to me.
Where are you starting from today?  Do you know where it is that you’d like to get to?  Do you have a plan for how you’re going to get there?