My husband Randy and I were driving up in the Skagit Valley yesterday when the sun broke through the weeks of grey and rain.  Many people can’t understand the appeal of the Pacific Northwest or couldn’t imagine living here with our weather.  One of the things I enjoy is the changes both in the seasons and our weather.  While we don’t have extremes, neither with snow nor heat, we have enough variety to be interesting.
And when the sun breaks through, it’s glorious!  We are surrounded by mountains and water, both freshwater lakes and rivers and the salt water of Puget Sound.  With the higher rain level and temperate climate, our native species include many which have given us our “Evergreen State” name.
The Skagit Valley is just one of those magical places… with both pastoral settings and areas so gorgeous that they attract tourists.  During the winter, bald eagles congregate along the banks for the Skagit river.  One year we took a river rafting float trip to see them and counted over 100 eagles in the bank-side trees.
In Springtime, the Skagit Valley tulip festival attracts people from around the world.  With acres upon acres of tulips (or earlier in the spring, daffodils), the beauty is legendary.  
Our environment can be so inspirational.  I love to take photos out in nature, although I’m not great about then taking them to use in my fiber art.  I guess I’d like to think that by exposing myself to beauty, I will be more inspired and will continue to create.

I hope you enjoy these beautiful skies and the Cascade Mountains as much as I did!

Sunshine and Sand
Pacific Madronna
Finding Inspiration Every Day

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  1. Caroline Heinrichs
    Caroline Heinrichs says:

    Wow, fantastic photos here. We live in such a beautiful part of the world. We are so lucky that so far we are a peaceful bunch of people. Thanks for these views, I will come back to them again and again.

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