In Flight

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Freehand Machine Embroidery

©2015 Christina Fairley Erickson

An avid equestrian, I’ve always admired the jockey’s ease of riding at extreme speeds. The grace and beauty of a young thoroughbred racehorse thrills all who are near.  Capturing the moment of suspension where all four hoofs float above the track, this racehorse is truly “in Flight.”

People are always amazed to find out that the majority of this picture is created with thread and stitching.  The thread is used as the “paint” and the sewing machine as the “paintbrush”.  The artist moves the fabric freely to draw on it with the needle.

Materials and Techniques: Hand painted cotton canvas and organza; machine freehand embroidered with cotton, polyester, and rayon thread.

Awards: Honorable Mention in Mixed Media at the Equine Art Show 2015.

Size:  22” w x 10 ¼” h