It’s been almost 4 years since I maintained my blog, and a couple since I created my original website, so it’s time to unveil the new Fiber Artist Journey!  I’ve made lots of changes over the last few years which I look forward to sharing.  However, since the journey is important, I’ve also included my old blog posts for continuity of where I’ve come from.

Currently, I’m just finishing up with a two year commitment as the Executive Director of the Washington State Surface Design Association’s “Fiber Fusion” traveling exhibition.  The exhibition featured the art of 88 different artists with 138 pieces at the final venue!  It traveled to 4 different galleries in Richland (Eastern WA), Redmond, Port Townsend, and Everett.  Here are a few photos from our most recent opening at the Schack Art Center in Everett.

Exec. Director Christina Fairley Erickson addresses crowd at Schack Fiber Fusion Opening

I’ll write more about Fiber Fusion in the future, as well as continuing to add more of my artwork in the gallery.

Fiber Fusion Artists recognize their Executive Director, Christina Fairley Erickson