Christina’s Salsa quilt (in progress)

I don’t know about you, but I generally have too much on my design wall… and sometimes the things that are up aren’t what I’m currently working on!  Not only am I working on finishing up my Salsa Quilt, I have my Waterfall colorplay quilt, my little “Waiting” piece, and fabric to start a piece for the Outdoor “Salsa in the Sun” show.  I guess if they’re up on my wall, I don’t really count them as a UFO… which implies that you’ve sort of given up on it.

By the way, I’m just finishing up my tutorial on “True Triangles”, the freemotion quilting design which I’ve created for the Chili Pepper block.  Check back on Sunday (April 7) to see the video tutorial!

So, what do you have on your design wall?   By the way, if you don’t yet have your own design wall, click here for a great tutorial on how to make one for yourself from Quilts by Jen. 

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  1. Christina Fairley Erickson
    Christina Fairley Erickson says:

    Hi, Lise- your comment sort of surprised me… but when I look back at the photo, I can see that the background does appear brown. It's actually a black background batik with red/yellow/orange little sunbursts. Funny how our eye can see color combinations differently, isn't it? Thanks for stopping by! Christina

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