Last week I promised to get back to my UFO “Waterfall Quilt.”  Well, I’ve made some progress with it:

Waterfall Quilt last week
Waterfall Quilt this week
One of the waterfall squares with
curved piecing

As you can see, I’ve added a couple rows (and I obviously need to get a larger design wall that my pieces can stick to!)  More importantly, I think, is that I removed pieces that I felt didn’t really work, either due to the patterning of the material, or more likely, the color flow wasn’t right.  Actually, now that I look at the photograph, I see a few other pieces that I’ll probably switch out, since they don’t have quite the right value. I call this my waterfall quilt as I wanted the curved pieces to make it feel like water trickling down, as well as the blues and greens to represent the water and surrounding forest.

I thought you might like to find out how I do the curved inserts which I’m working on adding to all the blocks. Believe it or not, it’s a fairly simple process.  Certainly simpler than doing the video… so please excuse me if my videography needs a little perfecting!

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  1. Stella Nemeth
    Stella Nemeth says:

    I think the color flow is mostly amazing, but I'll agree that you can really see the piece differently in a photograph. I'm working on something where that might be important. At this point I don't have a design wall, so I'm hoping the photo trick will work.

  2. Scrapatches
    Scrapatches says:

    I wandered in from Freemotion by the River and am stopping to say, thanks for sharing. I am now a follower so I can find my way back to see more of your quilting goodness … 🙂 Pat

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