I’ve decided to open a “Design Wall Weekend” link party each week for Fiber and Mixed Media of all sorts.    You might notice a couple new tutorials I just posted to help out anyone who is interested in participating in the link party.

“Waiting for Inspiration” by Carolyn Hitter
I think that it’s best to have content that matches the content and interests served with the blog that’s hosting the party, so blogs that will be featured will have and emphasis on the following:
  • Quilting and fabrics 
  • Fiber art of any kind
  • Hand & machine stitch or embroidery
  • Mixed media art
  • Book-making, art journals, and sketchbooks
  • Tutorials for any quilting, fiber, mixed media, sketchbook and other arts
  • These can be works in progress or finishes
So, if you’re a blogger, make sure and check in on Saturday or Sunday and post your blog.  If you’re just interested as a reader, you’ll find a whole lot of additional diverse, fun and interesting content during the weekends!
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  1. Sally in Seattle
    Sally in Seattle says:

    Hi, Christina, I want to add a link/put your link on my webpage so thanks for the tutorials. My brain is fuzzy right now from a sinus infection but I will get it done before the weekend so I can participate. Thanks for posting the "Waiting" quilts. Pretty amazing.

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