We have some wonderful additions to the ongoing 5 x 7 Artist Challenge!

Janine, aka Rainbow Hare Quilts, of East Sussex UK: 
Fused Fabric Valentine by Janine

Janine has a wonderful post on her Rainbow Hare blog called “Do You Ever Get Quilter’s Block?”    Not only does she describe making this wonderful fused fabric Valentine, she also links up to a Ted Talk by Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of “Eat, Pray, Love.”  What a wonderful opportunity to hear someone who has made such a success in her creative life struggle with many of the same challenges we all do.  Thank-you, Janine, for sharing both your 5 x 7 pieces and Elizabeth Gilbert’s exposé on creative genius.
Detail of Rainbow Hare’s Fused Fabric Valentine

Janine discusses her process for the little house piece to the left in her blog post “Not What I Meant At All”.  I think it’s really helpful to hear how people start and what they go through to get to a finished result.

Next, Hilda of Hilda’s Hideout is working with found objects.  Here are two of her newest pieces- I see a series in the making!

Lise, aka French Canadian 23, has been working with trees for her 5 x 7 pieces:
Lise describes her process for making Birch Trees… I love how the paper-pieced background is so muted but totally gives you the sense of the tree branches, as well as the graphic fabrics which work well for different bark!
Oak Tree in Fall by Lise- FrenchCanadian23

Although not yet complete, Lise has her second tree quilt well under way.  I’m looking forward to seeing it when she finishes the thread painting that she’s planning.

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