I’ve spent some evenings working more on hand embroidery.  Let me know if you want instructions or thread types on any of the stitches!

Top Row:

  1. Herringbone stitch
  2. Herringbone stitch
  3. Cretan stitch – similar to herringbone, but with a twist
  4. Cable stitch
  5. Laced running stitch – simple but looks nice!
  6. Pekinese stitch – while this isn’t very difficult, you need to work at keeping loops the same size
  7. Laid trailing stitch – very thick raised couched cording
  8. Feather stitch
  9. Heavy Chain stitch- this is almost a braided stitch
  10. Twisted Chain stitch
  11. Chevron stitch
  12. Open chain stitch -this fine wool (DMC Medicis) is a bit tough to see- looks like a ladder
Bottom Row:
  1. Double Chain stitch
  2. Feathered Chain stitch – nice vine-like look
  3. Crested Chain stitch
  4. Top: Rosette Chain stitch  Bottom: Buttonhole Wheel
  5. Two Color Chain stitch – this is done with two threads in your needle, but just catching one each stitch
  6. Rope stitch
  7. Raised Stem stitch
  8. Blanket stitch
  9. Whipped Blanket stitch
  10. Long & Short Blanket stitch
  11. Closed Blanket stitch
  12. Up & Down Blanket stitch – make a nice little knot along with two strands to side