OK, I know this has been done before, in fact it’s been done in a much bigger way that I’m going to suggest. But you have to start somewhere and I know personally what my bandwidth might be able to withstand.

I’m so hesitant to type this out… I feel a tightness in my belly… fear. Can I really say that I’ll do this? Will it compromise my other art and goals that I want to do?

Artist: Gwen Lowery

As part of my journey this coming year, I’m going to make one 5″ x 7″ composition each week. I’ll post pictures along the way, here on my blog. Notice I didn’t say fiber composition. Part of the reason why is that I consider myself a fiber and mixed media artist. While fiber is my favorite chosen medium, I think I can learn a lot through using different materials. I also think combining techniques can be quite effective. Why did I choose this size? It seems doable, but it’s also more than an artist trading card… it feels like it can be be art in and of itself, rather than just a practice piece. Not that these items will necessarily be successful- that’s part of the process. But I do hope to find satisfaction with some of these pieces I create. I think that having a manageable size will help me really work at producing, something I think I need to do, to increase my skills.

Artist: Deborah Zibrik

One of my favorite teachers, Gail Harker, had an exhibition and online auction of some of her student’s work. The show was called Black White and Red and it was all 5″ x 7″ works in values of those colors. She still has the pieces up on her online gallery. I was extremely happy to be able to purchase three of these small works, which are pictured here, and which I am displaying as artwork in my home. I had planned to do a piece for this show/auction, but didn’t end up making it a priority. When I went to the opening, I was somewhat ashamed that I hadn’t. I could see that making a 5 x 7 piece wasn’t all that unattainable, even with the demands of work, a family, my volunteer work for other fiber organizations (CQA and SDA, primarily), and everything else that puts demands on my time. So, it’s time to put it to the test.

Artist: Judy Alexander

In case you’re wondering about my fascination with windmills or ‘moulins’ in French, I am passionate about France and Paris. My husband, Randy, works in the international aerospace industry, and travels abroad regularly. He proposed to me on the shores of the Mediterranean and we’ve enjoyed visits to Paris and many areas in France numerous times. I started studying French in the fall of 2008. Between the beauty of the French countryside and the iconic portrayals of the Moulin Rouge in late 19th century art, I’ve developed a fondness for the imagery of the windmill. Guess I should add Holland to my list of places to travel someday!