Sketched in pencil first from a photo, then traced to
fabric and thread sketched by Carol

First, I want to share Carol’s first 5 x 7 Challenge piece. Check out Carol’s blog: LandscapeLady – Art Quilts from Vermont.  I think she’s done a wonderful piece and is working on a fantastic quilt of a dog in the style of David Taylor.

I recently saw a couple of David’s quilts at the Material Men show at the LaConner Quilt and Textile Museum.  They were truly breathtaking, at least for those of us who love pictorial / representational quilts.  The show featured 16 male quilt artists… not just because they are men, but because they are also exceptional artists.  I brought my husband and sons along to this exhibit and my husband was particularly intrigued with how he felt the men expressed themselves differently in the quilt medium than women do.  Some was thematic, some was stylistic, and some just gave a different impression or vibe than you might see at your local quilt show.

This evening I’m packing up my truck to bring a slew of surface design materials to the CQA meeting tomorrow morning.  We’re having a surface design party to make fabric to sell at Stashfest, a fundraiser for the LaConner Quilt and Textile Museum.  I made some last month with a few friends (see Making Fabric) and suggested to the group that we do it as a big group activity this month.  We’re going to have stations with thermofax silk-screening  Shiva oil paintsticks and rubbing plates, stencils with fabric markers for drawing and Tsukineko inks, foiling, and mono-printing with thickened dye.  We should have a wonderful assortment of fabrics to sell in April.

As part of my contribution to Stashfest, a tour of my studio will be up for sale!  Call “Stashfest Insider Visits” people can purchase tours of many different artist’s studios.  I’ve been working on studio organization, so now I’ll have to get really serious!

Last bit for this evening… I started a Fiber Artist Journey Facebook group, where we can also share photos and discussions.  Please click the link and “Like” the group to stay in touch!

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  1. landscapelady
    landscapelady says:

    thanks you for your kind words. my goal is to take the creative prompt that artquiltmaker puts up on her blog every friday and make a 5 x 7 art piece from that word. whether or not I can do this every week remains to be seen. this week the word is wet.
    I'm playing with it now:-)


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